Soaping trips? Our concept explained

Our love of soaping brought us together and this got us thinking... What if we could bring others together who also have a love of soaping? And have one big soaping boondoggle? Why not creating soapers' retreats?

Well, it sounded wonderful to us, and Soap the Globe was born.

We wanted to create a beautiful and relaxing space where a bunch of like-minded individuals could share ideas, learn techniques, get to know one another and enjoy other cultures and all they have to offer.

These are immersive experiences - not only will you be soaping : you will also be collecting ingredients for soaping!

You will visit local beekeepers, shepherds, olive and essential oil plants, you will go to the mountain with a botanist and shop for herbs and spices you cannot easily find elsewhere...

Whatever you soaping level is, we keep our groups small enough to be able to give one to one time to every participant. As you will be spending an entire week with your soap making instructor, you will be able to ask her all the questions you may have, almost night and day. So relax and enjoy waking up with new questions that typically emerge during soapers' nights!!

You'll make soap, talk soap, think soap, share soaping experiences... but you'll also milk a sheep, taste wines, learn to make molds, take a cooking class with our private chef, enjoy a live-concert by the pool, eat at local tavernas, go to the beach, learn about essential oils... and so much more!



We truly hope you will join us on this amazing journey, get out there and Soap the Globe!