Why not stay a bit longer and visit more of Greece?

You are maybe about to think of joining our pretty soap making workshop in Crete, and most of you are coming from very far away. Why don't you take advantage of your trip to make it a little longer and go visit other amazing Greek spots like Santorini, Milos, Peloponnese or even the West side of Crete?

Did you know that Santorini (yes, the famous one!) was just 2 hours away from our hotel?

Oh! And did you also know that Greece was one of the safest places in Europe to travel to, even as a woman? Trust me, I know this country more than my own!

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You are going to Greece's biggest island. But what other places are around? Some of the most beautiful Greek islands!

Let me tell you a bit more about Crete first...


If Crete is the cradle of Minoan civilization, it is intimately linked to Santorini, yet located more than 100 kilometers to the North.

It was indeed following the explosion of the Santorini volcano and the tidal wave that followed that the Minoan civilization disappeared on both islands, around 1600 BC.

Today, if the ruins of this disaster are still clearly visible on the sites open to the public and in museums, the discovery of the two islands promises a superb landscape escape between the imposing wooded gorges or the wonderful coastal hikes of Crete and the sites extraordinary Santorini around its famous caldera.

South of the Mediterranean, straddling the 35th parallel, Crete stretches for 255 km from east to west for only 55 km in its greatest width from North to South. It is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the first in Greece. Famous for its beaches, it is also renowned in the small world of hiking which takes much quieter paths, at the option of three mountain ranges: the Lefka Ori (2,453 m) or White Mountains to the West, Mount Psiloritis (2,456 m) in the Center (with Mount Ida, the highest point of the island) and Mount Dikti (2,148 m) to the East. Cutting deep into the Lekka Ori, the Samaria Gorge is a renowned natural curiosity. Island kneaded by mythology (Zeus spent his youth there), rich in a history that dates back to the first settlements of the Neolithic and continues with the flamboyant Minoan civilization, Crete is decidedly a world apart, endowed with unique traditions, notably musical or culinary.

You will be staying on the East side of the island. So why not going on a short trip towards the East. Rethymnon is about 1 hour and a half West from our hotel.

This waterfront city is a maze of colorful little streets, where modern stores and souvenir shops mingle with more retro boutiques. It is a real pleasure to stroll through these narrow streets which always lead to a lively square or the pretty port of Rethymno.

In the city center, you will discover the Nérantzes Mosque and the Rimondi Fountain, two main tourist attractions that deserve more than a quick look.

A few kilometers from Rethymno, Arkadi Monastery is the monument not to be missed in the area. This monastery founded in the 11th century is very well known in Greece for symbolizing the fight against the Ottoman invasion in the 19th century: it is here that a thousand revolutionaries (including women and children) preferred killing themselves in blowing up the powder keg rather than surrendering to the Turkish army.

Today the place is peaceful and full of flowers and sunshine.

Dominated by the impenetrable White Mountains, western Crete is a magnetic continent to explore. A mesmerizing beach with unreal colors hides on the last tooth of the long Cretan comb, the Gramvoussa peninsula. At the end of a dirt track overlooking the sea, you would be wordless when discovering the lagoon of Balos which suffenly appears when not expected: an exotic landscape made of gray and ocher cliffs, wheat blond sands and infinite shades of blues.

A few kilometers to the East, the ancient capital of the island: Chania. Impossible not to be seduced. Its Venetian lighthouse, its arsenals, its Turkish mosque, its corbelled houses and its small palaces give a variegated color to the city. Stroll with delight on its quays and in its busy pedestrian streets. Refined restaurants, local producer stores and small designer boutiques have multiplied in recent years, proof that the city attracts young Greeks who are creative and full of ideas.

There are many many many other places to visit in Crete that may be less touristic but as beautiful. We will have plenty of time to discuss it around the pool once we're all together ;-)