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You will discover one of the biggest olive trees in the entire world. We could go and see it during our June soaping workshop, it is quite close to our hotel.

The story behind this tree is quite complex. Some say it is the biggest in the world, other argue there is a bigger one on the other side of the island.

The dimensions of the tree trunk measured at height of 0.8 meters and mainly its largest diameter (4.90 meters) and its perimeter (14.20 meters!) allow a rough estimation of its age, according to the approximate estimation of the olive-chronology method with the annual growth rings.

And... the age of this tree is estimated at about 3250 years BP!!!

I don't mind which one is the biggest tree, all I know is what I felt the first time I saw it. And the second and third, and fourth time. Because each time I pass by the area, I can resist to the temptation of driving up the mountain, sit under the monumental tree and breathe.

The view is amazing: it embraces the whole valley and plunges into the deep blue sea. Sometimes you'll hear the bells of a goat grazing around.

Sometimes you'll hear the sound of the breeze passing through the trees' foliage, the song of the cicadas, the bees foraging the surrounding flowers.

Sometimes you'll just hear nothing. What an amazing sensation.

Vassili is the man who appears at the end of the video. He's the owner of a cute little tavern as well as a vegetable garden surrounded with huge sunflowers, that looks right on the tree. That's why he's been considered as the guardian of this millionary tree, task he proudly took over with all his great heart.

We can go up and have some mezze at Vassili's cozy corner. His wife is a passionate cook and her food is to die for...

Enjoy the views, kick back and feel the peace of this place.

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