How I picked Crete

I discovered Greece in my 20’s and got hooked right away. I will never forget (and neither will my parents) the postcard I sent them saying that I fell in love with an island and will probably never come back. I did come back but kept returning each time I could.

I promised myself I would live there when I retire. And so I went looking at places every weekend to look for the house that will shelter my old days.

After years of thinking, I decided I would choose a place right between the North and the South, so I could travel in the whole country.

One day, I forgot to precise the name of the place I wanted my house to be in my search engine, and I just wrote "little house to buy in Greece". And that wonderful little house popped-up and I thought "this is it!". But then I realized it was not in the middle of Greece at all, that house was waiting to me in Crete, a land that I had visited only once when I went on a famtrip with travel agents.

I said "oh well, why not go and visit the place?!". It was December, cold and grey outside... I called the real estate agency and booked a flight.

I had an appointment with the agent at 9:30 in the morning. I waited for him at a little cafe on the beach. September 19th, 19° Celsius. A man came walking and went to take his suit off and put his bathing suit to go for a morning swim. I looked at him swimming peacefully before getting his working suit back on and go to work. That's when I said to myself : That's here I'll live when am older.

View over the Mirabello Bay

I bought that sweet little house in the village of Kritsa. And I never ever regretted my choice. Kritsa is a quaint traditional village at equal distance between the top of a mountain and beautiful beaches, and it is surrounded with olive trees. Like many other Cretan villages, it gives you the feeling time goes by really slowly peacefully. You have no idea how much I enjoy just having a fresh squeezd orange juice on the little village square...

Out of all the other regions of Crete, even though they're all worth visiting and all incredibly beautiful, I like my Eastern Crete : less crowded, more nature, more authenticity, a wild side that gives the trip a twist everybody falls for. It counts 15 islands and 300 kilometres of beaches. Talk about heaven on Earth! Pebble beaches, rocky beaches, fine sandy beaches. Remote beaches, amenity beaches. Rough beaches, exotic beaches... But always – whichever you choose – beaches with crystal-clear waters.

These are just a few reasons why I picked Crete as the first destination for our soaping trips. I let you imagine the other reasons that motivated me [need a clue? OO is one!]

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