Making a Marble Soap

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I just wanted to pop in and share a video of one of the marble soap attempts I did for the July Soap Challenge Club. There are many different techniques we can use to create a marble effect. This video shows a combination of a fluid cosmic-type pour with some mica/oil mixture added to the pot. I also did a mica line, but ended up not cutting through it as I didn't have a thick enough soap to split with the horizontal cut.

I tried the same technique with the black soaps and was able to cut them through the mica line, which did give a nice gold vein but I felt it was a little busy with the fluid or cosmic parts of the soap.

I also had great success doing a similar pour, but with thicker trace. I added mica lines after texturing the layers and cut horizontally through them. You can see the results with this method in the turquoise soaps.

Both techniques created beautiful marbling and I’m sure there are many more ways as well, we just need to play around and see what we can do!

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