Leila's interview

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time for those who celebrate. As usual, it was a bit hectic for my part because the whole family usually gets together at my place, which means organizing, cooking for a big party, and then of course cleaning up afterwards. I haven't soaped in [2!!] weeks [grrrrrr] and got sick a day after Christmas!

I had planned to write you a long blog article on Greek islands you could visit before or after your workshop (Santorini is not even 2 hours away from our hotel!) and I ended up with so much information I felt like sharing that I never finished on time. But I promise you will get it in a couple days [Oh wait! Everybody is getting together at my house for New Year's Eve again...]


It still was super nice to have everybody I love around our little tree. And guess what they all got? Yup! SOAP! Of course they all knew what they're going to get but they were still very happy.

While I was fighting with my flu in bed, Leila got interviewed for Bee's SorcerySoaps blog. I did not mean to tell you about my busy family life but actually wanted to share this article with you in the first place!

Here is the link, folks:


I wish you a beautiful end of the year, and will do my best to post another article before 2020! Peace and Love <3

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