Hello! We are Carine and Leila

Hi! I'm Carine! The one in charge of the whole touristic program. Making sure you eat well, get enough sun, soap with a view, all that...

Hey I'm Leila aka the MadSoaper ! I will be your soaping instructor under the sun and will give you all my tips and tricks on soaping

We started soaping at the same time and met on a Facebook soaping group. It was friendship at first sight, so we felt like creating something together around travel and bubbles...


Probably like many of you, I got hooked on soaping by chance. I made a Brambleberry soap kit for Christmas gifts in November, 2018. That first loaf was it! I couldn't stop soaping! I looked on YouTube and scoured the web for any and every technique I could find. And I tried them all. Some went swimmingly, others not so much. But I persisted and would continue trying until I felt that I had achieved success.

While I don't consider myself a "master", I do feel that I've come to have a pretty good understanding of soap and how it behaves - and misbehaves. I still make soaps that I consider fails or flops, but I persevere.

My goal at Soap the Globe is to help you feel comfortable with the soap and get a bit more control over it.

I will provide you with my favorite tools, tips and tricks that help me in my every day soaping and that will, hopefully, help you in your soaping journey.


Tour operator - and more specifically travel designer - for 20 years, I have always sought to create intelligent journeys, trips that leave time and give the desire to learn from others. Along with my passion for world cultures, I have always wanted a life that made sense to me, and that sense I have always found in arts and crafts. Photographer, collagist, cook, I recently discovered the world of soap and I literally dipped in it. I got instantly contaminated by the bubble madness.

Being clearly less talented for soaping than Leila, I had to restrict myself at doing what I did best and started thinking night and day at how to link my two passions: travel and soap. Soap the Globe came out of one of those very inspired brainstorming sessions with myself. Told about it to Leila, I felt she got as excited as I was, and here we are now, after months of serious searching and planning, happy to present our first soaping trip !